1.618 Ratio Belief

Making today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today

Successful organisations have to respond effectively to the changing environment. We are passionate about helping your organisation exceed their potential to deliver long term sustainable results

What is our purpose?

Making today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today

“A driving force to help you change behaviour to deliver amazing growth and the achievement of extraordinary business performance enabled by world class technology”

“To work together with you to solve the world’s biggest global climate challenges “

It's in our DNA

The 1.618 Ratio business model is inspired by our total dedication to becoming your Trusted Advisor.  The 1.618 Ratio Trusted Advisor equation explains our mission.

The Ratio Team

Why do we exist?
  • “As your Trusted Advisor to work together with you and you Teams to help you grow and at the same time deliver exceptional performance that inspires all your stakeholders”
  • “We believe that every business, big or small, in every industry, leadership needs to constantly and systematically manage change and performance, at the same time, in the same way that nature follows the mathematics of the “golden ratio”.

Our Partners

Our legacy lives in you

  • We give you the best of us all the time
  • We have tested and developed world class business improvement solutions that will help you achieve performance that is better than you thought possible
  • Our work class business improvement solutions are digitally enabled to help you take the right data driven decisions, fast and with agility
  • You can explore the 1.618 Ratio Business Excellence Framework BEF on Our approach page – what’s in the box of each business improvement solution is linked to an infographic

We help you evolve to grow

  • Together we take time to understand your priority business challenges around systems, processes, people and technology
  • Each business improvement solution is carefully re-engineered to meet your specific business requirement
  • We co-create an end to end deployment plan, enabled by a digital platform that delivers your Programme on time, on budget to always achieve the targeted business result
  • We work alongside you and your teams to deliver the deployment plan

The 1.618 Ratio
Business Excellence Framework

Our Customers

What Our Customers Say

“The 1.618 Ratio Team have helped us achieve far more than we thought was possible, we are so much more optimistic about our future and we have really grown as a leadership team” - CEO from a leading Manufacturing Business
“As a 1.618 Ratio Associate I have been inspired by the work we have done with our customers, our team are collaborative and we are constantly learning from each other. We have helped create long term sustainable value and helped shape our customers performance cultures” - 1.618 Ratio Associate
“Working with the 1.618 Ratio Team is an inspirational journey, we have learnt how to implement change and really improve our performance” - Customer Union Leader from a Leading Energy Company
“At first the business improvement journey seemed daunting, the 1.618 Ratio Team really helped us clarify the business vision and strategy to deliver long term sustainable results” - CEO from a leading Financial Services business
“Given the challenges of our market environment we have analysed the root causes of our most significant business challenges and have adopted a continuous improvement approach to resolve these problems that have engaged the whole work force and have achieved real bottom line results. The 1.618 Ratio Team have coached and supported all the way” - VP Operations from a leading Energy company
“With the use of business intelligence tools and the our work on the performance management framework we have created a platform that allows us to see how we are performing as a business and where we need to take decisions that drive action to improve our performance. The help we have received from the 1.618 Ratio Team has been nothing short or remarkable” - Business Unit Manager from Trinidad’s largest Conglomerate
“The 1.618 Ratio Team coaching has helped our people to focus on the real business issues that up to now have been barriers to our progress, they have added immense value and have developed our competence in so many areas. The 1.618 Ratio Team are enthusiastic and as trusted advisors they have helped me and my leadership team as well as our employees at the front line really improve our performance” - CEO of a leading beverage manufacturer
“To create a new organisation out of a merger between two very different cultures has been a difficult and challenging journey. We have created a vision for the future that has the potential to change our Nation. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved together and could not have done this without the support of the 1.618 Ratio Team” - COO Local Energy Company
“Working with the 1.618 Ratio Team is an inspirational experience, one that I have come to value as a foundation of my own learning and development, we have supported our Team to help our customers understand and focus on their biggest business challenges and put in place the performance framework that has enabled them to achieve real long term value” - CEO from a leading Manufacturing Company in the United States