Our Approach

The 1.618 Ratio Business Excellence Framework

We match your biggest organisational challenges to one of the business excellence elements. We partner with you and your teams to create the right Programme that delivers sustained bottom line performance improvements. We can help wherever you need us most.

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“The world has changed …… we can help you change with it”
The 1.618 Ratio Team have developed, in collaboration with our Business Intelligence Partners Intelligent Applications, a crisis response playbook which includes free advanced analytic models to stress test your customer, sales and financial value projections

The 1.618 Ratio Business Model

Successful organisations have to respond effectively to the changing environment. Each of the elements in the 1.618 Ratio business improvement model must be working in harmony. By focusing on these shapers of performance the culture of the organisation will align to your vision. We can help you assess the current state and the business risk of each of these components and work with your teams to develop and implement a business improvement plan that delivers tangible results

The 1.618 Ratio Implementation Model

Being great at implementation is a game changer. Miss one of the boxes 1 to 4 and your planned for improvements will not materialise. We will help you weave the elements together to change the behaviour of your teams so that they deliver bottom line performance that is simply extraordinary