Associate Story

Working with the 1.618 Ratio Team - an Associate Story

I was a little daunted by transitioning from a direct leadership role to the new experience of implementation consulting. As soon as I joined I was placed as the Programme Director on a long term continuous improvement and business intelligence programme The 1.618 Ratio Team believe in collaboration and focused initially on building my capability to deploy the 1.618 Ratio tools, techniques and methodologies. This was invaluable and enabled me to approach the engagement of the senior leadership with confidence in the long term value that the programme was designed to deliver The 1.618 Ratio business model is to deploy a lean team of very capable people - from the onset this helped me build an immediate rapport with the customer teams without having to focus on managing the complexity of a bigger team of consultants. But this model requires a significant focus on the key priorities 1.618 Ratio deploy a world class integrated technology support platform that means I had access to all the templates, training material, tools, techniques, previous presentation content that helped me engage the customer to explain the long term journey The 1.618 Ratio deployment model fundamentally challenges the normal consulting model - the Directors and the leadership team focused on my needs and on live coaching - this meant I felt challenged and supported in equal measure throughout the programme We delivered an extraordinary programme that has created the foundation for real cultural change and exceeded our targeted result delivery - the customer and our Microsoft Partners were extremely satisfied with the programme outcomes My journey with 1.618 Ratio did not stop there - I have been exposed to helping our customers exceed their business goals in California, Antigua and Trinidad across industries as varied as manufacturing and financial services I have been so inspired by the value we deliver for our customers and the support of the 1.617 Ratio Team that I became a Director - a decision that I have never had cause to regret.

  • I really believe we have created something extraordinarily special in 1.618 Ratio - we live our values of Integrity, Relationships, Credibility, Excellence and Performance
  • I have created value for our customers and feel personally rewarded through meaningful and challenging work
Working with the 1.618 Ratio Team is an inspirational journey!